What is the Current Situation in the Market?

Web Design FAQ
  • A web design company or a freelancer will contact you and offer to design a new website for you.
  • The web design company or freelancer will send you a tailored quote up-on asking them. Each quote will be different depending on the company or freelancer for the same piece of work.
  • Current website development prices for all businesses vary from hundreds to thousands per project.
  • Once the new website is running on your hosting provider, the web design company or freelancer will walk away and find another client and the relationship with you ends there or they will quote you with more fees for services such as technical support or hosting.

What is Lightseid Membership?


Select a Web Design plan that fits your needs.

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Businesses looking to have a website or update their existing website can create an account with us and become a valued member of our community.


If you would like more services to your plan, you can choose from a variety of addtional services that we offer.


Great Websites start by understanding your requirements. We will learn your business, your goals, your target market, content requirements, reference sites you might have and your expected outcomes.


We will provide you with a wide variety of WordPress designs to choose from.
Or you can provide us with a particular design in mind.


We will develop a professional website with quality and user experience targeting any of your customers devices (PCs, Mobiles etc).


New website will have colors that match your Business Branding.


We provide the hosting of your new website content as part of your subscription so that you don’t have to worry about Hosting vendors anymore or host it on your existing provider.


We provide 24/7 support for your new/existing website as part of your subscription.

Benefits of being a Member of the Lightseid Community

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Convienient Pricing


New Website Design Every 2 Years


Technical support & Content Updates


Hosting fees included.


You have access to maintain your content


Hosting Maintenance

All websites will be designed and developed in WordPress.

If you have any questions or ideas of how you want to develop your online presence further from a technical point of view we can be your sounding board free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why pay the monthly subscription?

    Websites are an investment for businesses and through time they become out-dated, we work with our members to have a beautiful living website by providing them new pages that they need through out their membership, technical support, content updates on their behalf and hosting.

    Every 2 years we provide our members the option to change their website to a fresh design for free so that their online presence is always up to date with the current trend in the market.

  • Do I need Hosting?

    We offer free hosting with our monthly plans. You can choose to consolidate your existing hosting expense with our membership benefits and we maintain your hosting, weekly back-ups along with the other benefits or you can choose to keep your existing hosting while use our other benefits.

    If you will be using your own hosting, we can provide weekly back-ups but cannot gurantee the quality of your hosting provider’s services.

  • What will happen to my emails if i take your hosting?

    There are two ways to transfer the emails, We have a tutorial to transfer the emails that you can follow step by step to transfer the email, Or you can give us access and we can do the job for you in no time.

  • How do I sign up?

    For our monthly membership plans, you can sign up online by contacting us through the contact form on the page. We will recieve a notification and we will contact you straight away.

    You can also use our contact us form and we can provide assitance to which plan best suits you.

  • What happens when I sign up?

    We will contact you and introduce ourselves, understand your requirements and your goals. Work with you in the design you like by providing a wide variety of design templates to evaluate and how they might fit your branding and content.

  • What happens when I choose a design that I like?

    Once a design is chosen, we will take that new design and put your content on a prototype link so that you can see how it looks before it goes live on your official domain link. You will have access to the prototype link early on so you see the progress being made and if there are changes you might want that you haven’t forseen before.

  • What will happen for my new website to be live?

    Once you are happy with your new website, we will then point your domain to the new website at an agreed time that will not disrupt you or your clients.

  • Do I own my website?

    Absolutely, the website and it’s contents are yours. You can choose to cancel your membership for free after 2 years and we can provide you your website in  a zipped folder if we are hosting it so that you can migrate it to another hosting provider.

    If you are using our other member benefits on your own hosting provider, we will stop access so that you can remove our account.

  • Can I cancel my Membership?

    We offer both standalone and monthly memberships, during our initial discussions, we can discuss with your whether you prefer a standalone project without subscription membership or whether you prefer doing it over a 2 year Membership.

    If for unforseen circumstances you are on the monthy memberships but decide to cancel you can pay the remaining months balance.

  • What happens after 2 years?

    After 2 years being part of the Lightseid Community, you can decide whether you would like a new design for your website or continue with your current one. The monthly fees will continue so you can still use our membership benefits but you can cancel at any time.

    If you are using our hosting, you will have to make sure you have a hosting provider in place for your website to be migrated to before you cancel.

  • Migrating Websites?

    Lightseid members that would like their websites to be migrated from another hosting provider to our hosting will have the migration process for free. Any members that would like their website to be migrated from us will also get that service if they are still a member.

    For members that are cancelling their membership will get the website but they will have to migrate it themselves or request us to do it for a small fee.

  • What is your Privacy Policy?

    Privacy and information security remains the number one concern on the Internet today. Lightseid has always and will always keep private all of our clients personal information. We will never sell or share your personal information to any Third-Party company without your express consent and knowledge.
    You can review our privacy policy at the following:

    Privacy Policy

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